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Download C++Builder 1!

Screenshot of C++Builder 1 on Windows 98, showing the form designer with a one-button app and behind it the code editor Embarcadero is very happy to make available a copy of the very first version of C++Builder, released Feb 26 1997.
This is a completely free (and unsupported!) download — full information and license is available in the download link. We hope you find this snapshot of C++ history fun to experiment with, or a fascinating look back in time as the foundation of today’s C++Builder 11.

C++Builder celebrates 25 years on Feb 26, 2022!

Embarcadero have created a fantastic poster showing C++Builder’s history in a timeline with other key development events. This is perfect for printing out and placing on a wall near your desk, or even just opening as a PDF and browsing. It’s massive and detailed, and will be available very soon!

Industries from engineering to scientific research, textiles to green electricity, museums to department stores, everyday useful apps that you might not even know are made with C++Builder up to industrial grade software deployed across entire countries and used by millions: you’ve used software made by C++Builder, and those developers got their job done fast, and done well, due to its productivity and libraries.

It began 25 years ago. It’s only grown. And you can use it today.