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a Quarter-Century of


In 1997...

...something amazing happened in the world of C++.

The scene: only a few years after the STL was defined, and a year before C++98, the canonical version of C++ for over a decade, was available…

…engineers at the legendary compiler company Borland recognised a problem in the popular language.

And solved it.

C++Builder Logo

C++Builder merges the power of C++ with rapid creation of native user interfaces. Custom language extensions allow easy binding between events—clicking a button—and arbitrary method handlers. Properties wrap UI state, keeping it consistent and responsive to changes. All wrapped in an easy-to-use visual design tool that leads the industry.

If this seems familiar, it’s because you’ve used what C++Builder pioneered.

On 26th February 2022, C++Builder celebrates its 25th birthday.

Read about its history, what made it special then and what makes it special now, and more…

C++Builder 1's icon, a dark blue outlines city with construction crane
C++Builder 1 (1997)
C++Builder Logo
C++Builder 11 (2022)
Today’s C++Builder has a modern High DPI IDE including DPI-aware form design, thousands of UI controls, modern C++ support and the ease of modern C++ libraries, LSP-based code completion, LLVM optimisation, and multiple platforms: yet C++Builder still offers the same brilliant speed of construction.

Industries from engineering to scientific research, textiles to green electricity, museums to department stores, everyday useful apps that you might not even know are made with C++Builder up to industrial grade software deployed across entire countries and used by millions: you’ve used software made by C++Builder, and those developers got their job done fast, and done well, due to its productivity and libraries.

It began 25 years ago. It’s only grown. And you can use it today.